Washington Times
June 26, 2005

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Take a Look Before You Go Camping
by Gene Mueller

What about novice campers? -- "The Beginners Guide to Camping" is truly an information-packed 26-minute DVD that should remove any doubts you have about whether you're able to join the millions of American tent campers. You can.

This is not for RV owners but strictly for those who intend to drive stakes into the ground to keep the tent from blowing away.

The man behind the DVD is Mark Holzman, a professional videographer and an avid tent camper for the past 25 years. He knows what newcomers need to learn and goes about it in a brisk, fun style that is easy to follow and comprehend. It even helps old hands at this type of camping.

You'll learn how to choose a campground and a campsite, how to set up your camp, the worth of ground cloths to keep your derriere from getting wet, how to choose a sleeping bag, coolers and more. Cold weather camping, what to do if it rains, building a safe fire -- it's all there.

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