Library Journal
June 15, 2005

Kathy Wicks, Urbana Free Lib., IL

The Beginners Guide to Camping: A How-To Video for Campers Who've Never Camped Before. color. 26 min. Mark Holzman, National Video-Documentors(tm), dist. by Quality Bks.; TNT Media Group. 2005. DVD $19.95. recreation

As a now seasoned camper, this reviewer wishes The Beginners Guide to Camping had been available to show how to camp right the first time and avoid the oversights and acts of nature that occasionally spoil outdoor trips. This DVD covers all the basics: choosing a campground, selecting equipment, planning meals, and packing. It also answers those dreaded "what if" questions, e.g., What if it rains? Particularly impressive is the tutorial on how to Google for campgrounds, the safety and building of campfires, and making the traditional camping treat S'mores. The Beginners Guide to Camping is basic, practical, and helpful; its moments of slapstick make it captivating. A reasonably priced purchase for any outdoor recreation collection.

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